botanical power
Delay and reverse
grey hair

Science fiction
becomes reality

Who doesn’t remember the appearance of their first grey hair, of that feeling of aging… What if you could go back in time? Impossible? Unattainable? PHYTO achieves the impossible. For the First Time, a laboratory repigments grey hair at the roots... coloring pigment free.

*Clinical study performed on 32 volunteers for 12 weeks - daily application -% satisfaction.

6 years of research
1 patented ingredient

By precisely targeting the mechanisms causing grey hair, Phyto has achieved a revolution.
PHYTO RE30 is the outcome of 6 years of research in collaboration with academic
and industrial partners, that have enabled to identify « THE » most efficient
anti-grey hair molecule: the RE30 peptide.
After 3 months, the number of grey hair is reduced by 30%*
*Test performed on peptide RE30 - Clinical study on 15 volunteers for 3 months - daily application. Pigmentation density measurements before and after treatment (n = 6 volunteers)

The repigmenting peptide
code name: RE30

No fewer than 76 peptides have been synthesised then screened via in vitro,
ex and in vivo tests. The goal? Identifying the one with the greatest impact on pigmentation.
Peptide n°30 out of the 76 tested, called RE 30, was selected.

The revolutionary anti-grey hair formula

A technology

No fewer than 98% of natural ingredients are contained in Phyto RE30’s formula. An anti-grey hair action is ensured by the RE30 peptide, which helps boost the hair’s natural pigmentation process and protect it against depigmentation. It’s complemented by a beautifying action, thanks to the purple tulip extract which strengthens the hair by acting on proteins located at the heart of the hair fiber, essential to its structure, to ensure better connections between keratins.

A daily routine,
easy and sensoryOnce a day - 8 spraying - 30 seconds

Light and non-oily texture.
Delicate and tonic fragrance with citrus accords.
Silicon free.